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Identifying Individuals for Genetic Testing & Treatment for hereditary cancer

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The IGNITE-TX Study is a study that is researching how to support families with Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC) syndrome and Lynch syndrome (LS).

The study will investigate how to help families understand their cancer risk, share genetic testing results about cancer risk with family members, and access information and resources to get genetic testing if they decide it is right for them. Both HBOC and LS increase the chance for men and women to get cancer.

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Being aware of our genetic risks empowers us to make informed decisions

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  • “This study presents a unique opportunity to enhance genetic testing”
  • “Genes don’t define us but they can guide our choices”
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If you have questions about the study or want more information, you can contact the study team via phone 713-792-9155 or email

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